About the Project

HKU FinTech Index Series

The project was initiated by the technology transfer company of HKU - Versitech Ltd, and is led by Dr. Philip Yu of the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science of the Faculty of Science. 

Hong Kong is a global financial centre, the HKU FinTech Index Series is the first in the region to provide index indicators on the development of the sector, with an aim to provide information in a timely manner to track the growth and development of the financial technology industry in Hong Kong.

The long-term goal of the HKU FinTech Index Series is to establish a framework to be extended to the Greater Bay Area including Shenzhen and neighboring cities.

FinTech Growth Index (FGI)

Hong Kong's FinTech Growth Index is a yearly index with four sub-indices on Business Environment, Business Performance, Investment on R&D and Demand on Talent. It reflects Hong Kong FinTech sector's forecast of the market situation in the coming uear and an assessment of the situation in the current year.

FGI represents responses to an annual survey by 27 companies (81% are Start-ups and 15% are Unicorns) nominated by an Advisory Board which comprises professionals from the local FinTech industry, including representatives from FinTech Association of Hong Kong, InvestHK, Cyberport, Science Park, The Bank of East Asia, Limited, and Suoxinda Data Technology Co. Ltd.

This index is compared to the companies' responses in the base period of 2018-2019 set as 100 points.

FinTech Buzz Index (FBI)

Hong Kong's FinTech Buzz Index is a quarterly index representing a quantified sentiment of the local FinTech-related news articles in Chinese in the past three months. FBI has a base value of 100 points which represents the sentiment of nearly 10K FinTech related news articles in major local news media outlets in 2016 and 2017.

FBI is further broken down into six sectors: Insurance Technology(InsurTech), Wealth Management & Credit Technology (WealthTech & CreditTech), Blockchain & Cryptocurrency, E-payment & Digital Banking, Regulatory Technology (RegTech) & Cybersecurity, and Other related business.

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